Dr. Amanda Artese, Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Amanda Artese is a licensed clinical psychologist who has several years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. Dr. Artese believes that each family is unique and applies this concept to each therapeutic relationship. The intake process begins with an initial phone consultation to help both Dr. Artese and the potential client determine goodness of fit. It is important in choosing a therapist that both the child and family feel comfortable with the therapist. From the onset Dr. Artese works with the family to best understand the client and develop a treatment approach that is tailored to the individual and family's unique needs.

Dr. Artese believes that the client and their family lead change in therapy and the therapist works along side them to support and facilitate the change. Therapeutic style and approach varies based on the client’s age and needs of the family, and includes play, cognitive behavioral, client centered, and parent centered therapy. When appropriate, Dr.Artese also works closely with teachers, guidance counselors, doctors, psychiatrist, and other individuals who play an active role in the child’s life. Working as a team allows for the greatest opportunity for positive change and a positive experience for the child.

Dr. Artese has a wide range of clinical experience assessing, diagnosing, and treating various disorders. Dr. Artese has significant training in treating complex psychological issues, including, PTSD, trauma, abuse and neglect, anxiety, depression, suicidal thinking and behaviors, ADHD, and behavioral disruptions. Population served ranges from 4-18 years old and parents.